USPS members enjoy many affordable and comprehensive programs that increase their boating knowledge and skills, have more fun, and connect with fellow boaters through a variety of educational and social activities. With USPS membership, you receive:

  • Boating education to help you become a more competent and safer boater

  • A wide variety of comprehensive courses and informative seminars to advance your skill and knowledge in boat operation and maintenance

  • Savings of 20% to 50% or more on these courses and seminars

  • Flexibility in scheduling your education through classroom instruction, on-line courses, and on-the-water skills training

  • Interaction with a group of experienced boaters who know how to have fun – raft-ups, cruises, picnics, and get-togethers

  • Savings on boat insurance and many other products and services

The only requirements for membership are a keen interest in boating related activities and an eagerness to meet like-minded people. You don’t need a boat to join.  More membership benefits click here.

You can join online or contact our squadron.

Join online. You can join as a national member or cyber-member, and transfer to a particular squadron later if you wish.  Fill out an application form and credit card info, and you will be registered to receive our national magazine and our electronic newsletter, you can save on courses and seminars, and you have all the privileges of full membership.  You can also take courses locally with a squadron.  
here to join as a cyber-member.



Contact our squadron.  Find out where and when they meet, their local course schedule, the next events, and begin your relationship with a great local boating organization.  Click here to contact us for more information.

The Squadron

What's a Squadron? Although USPS is a large organization, most of our 35,000 members belong to a local chapter, or "squadron". There are squadrons all over the country, Including Spokane. A squadron is a great venue for boating education, socializing with other boaters, learning together, and having a good time together both on the water and on land.
Learn more about boating than you could ever imagine. Squadrons offer classroom and on-the-water instruction for you and your family or boating partners. They provide many opportunities to learn via comprehensive, formal courses as well as just talking informally with other boaters about their experience, knowledge, and assistance.  Squadron members help each other learn, solve boating problems, and have fun.
Have fun through social activities with other squadron members. Many squadrons meet often for fun and adventure. It's a great way for you and other family members to enjoy boater camaraderie and friendship. Some members like the fun, others like the learning, and most like it all.

  • Raft-ups

  • Parties


  • Dinner meetings (often with an interesting speaker)


  • Picnics

  • And many more events

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